Metal 123mR black


Lens Width: 115 mm
Lens Height: 45 mm
Bridge Width: 15 mm
Arm length: 121 mm
Frame Width: 136 mm
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Category: Men prescription glasses
Material: Metal
Shape: Oval
Color: Black

2 reviews for Metal 123mR black

  1. Marina Damianov
    5 / 5

    My other pair was about 20 years old and needed to be replaced. They are great! No glare or distortion! And colors are not distorted either. And I was very pleased to learn that they were made in America. It was hard to believe that they were much less than many glasses made off shore. They are a very good value for the consumer!

  2. Stephen Bridgestone
    4 / 5

    Top drawer sunglasses. Been wearing this type for over 15 years. Drivers gradient excellent when flying. Only drawback is the enamel flakes off the frame with time… year plus of hard wear. One of the reasons I replace them so often.

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